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On request: Supreme level: All this in a high BIT-rate on a hard-disk carrier for large projections and with the contents of HIGH LEVEL  - for all those interested in this kind of quality

Special computer animations for Modules 1 - 8, and in particular with the exact intervals calculated by extended zoom series - (up to 50 by projected 3D movies - the zoom factor of a film - the highest accuracy in the representation) on Blu Ray, HD content.

1. Macroscopic (visible to the eye) Overview (in 8 - included)

2. Bulbus oculi (bulb) in its entirety 2.1 films of the bulb alone in macroscopic overview 2.2 films frrom the perspective of the bulb,with the views outside and inside the globe - 360 rotation, center point of rotation is the center of the bulb  - 3. Nervus opticus (optic nerv) -  4. Retina  - 5. Corpus ciliare  - 6. Retina pars optica  - 7. Iris

8.Module parts, 8.1 and 8.2: Each product also contains a label part, which part of text and image (2D image, 3D animation) there.