SURGICAL  SIMULATION                                                                                                                                                        SCROLL DOWN - SEE MORE



     in photo realistic qualizy


3D animations are completely flossy build up with sequences of scenes which are not dissented with blendings from scene to scene or sudden chenges of displays,

- so the viewer gets a good impression wihout these technical means which are usually applied im

   common productions

- so in the complete sequence of the surgical procedure thee are no disturbings or artefacts of this kind

The completely time span of a comprehending overworking of the already existing surgical instruction – in print media - , which includes:

- all points and steps of the content,

- also with the introduction words about the philosophy,

- to the visualization of the Advantages, of the product ( the implant )

may has any length, from the time span in the range of hours to a few minutes. From the primary length of the basic movie, any other length of the surgical instruction film may be produced.

The OP - film is flossy, continuous, without transitions or sudden Scene changes created

- this configuration is best suited for the viewer and its personal cognition, to achieve the most efficient learning.

There is also the possibility of interactive control via the interface, with sequentially arranged stages of the surgical procedure, with control via interface over buttons and mouse click. (also for touch screens).

There is the possibility of all content (sequences surgery - steps, advantages, etc.) to arrange for an "interactive digital posters". Here you can several scenes on the display at the same time (in lower pixel resolution) - with large displays - this ideal for trade shows. See also below the point ... etc.-The application and the types of uses the 3D visualization.

Basically, the implementation of the Surgical instructions into a CADMED PACHATZ product can be visualized in various types:

1. The focus is directed to the technical visualization of the surgical instruments and the equipment

2. The focus is directed to the representation of the patents and the benefits of the Implants

3. The focus is directed to the working and implementation in the surgical operating room

4. Combinations of 1 and / or 2 and / or 3 are shown

5. 1, 2 and 3 are shown in the same significance.

For all explanations below, there may be delivered the following additional options (also negotiable):

- The presentation of instruments and / or bones as sectional models with the Omission of a portion    of total

- The presentation of the instruments and / or bone as sectional models with glass or opaque             consistence of sub-components

- Additional 3D animations with different view points and / or

- The presentation with other zoom factors

  - zoom in for the magnification for detailed views

  - zoom out for the overall views of situations

- The simultaneous display of two (or more) scenes on a split screen There can be at the same tim on    the left side of the display the "Main Movie", always with constant objects and constant zoom factor     represented, and on the right side can simultaneously constantly changing:

   - the models section are variable,

   - or the view points are changing,

   - or the zoom factor is visualized and also various and perspectives are possible.

- Both subscreens show exactly the same actions in the timing simultaneously.

- The Simultaneous 2nd Display can also be a small portion of the entire display.


ad 1 The technical visualization of the surgical instruments and the equipment

- The instruments are reconstructed accurately from 2D CAD plans of the manufacturer (with the        special  CADMED PACHATZ own methods for a highly realistic result in the combination with the      lighting model )

- Then a 3D virtual environment is generated with the task to get results in photorealism in                 quality, and also extreme accuracy for enlargements (zooms) for the display represented in            display may be:

- Animated 3D graphics of surgical instruments, 360” animations, animated functions etc.

- 3D animation of the assembly in the kind of 3D explosion graphics of the surgical instruments

- Special 3D scenes which are showing the patents and strengths of the surgical instruments

- All functions of the instruments in action are shown

- drilling, sawing, milling e.g. during sawing, the emergence of elongating saw cut is shown , the        part(s) of the resection(s) are removed, etc. (also belonging to - see below for ad 3.)


2. The focus is directed to the representation of the patents and the benefits of the Implants

- All the benefits of a prosthesis can be implemented into the surgical instruction and 3D animated.

- Special sequences show example the mechanical characteristics of a prosthesis

- Representations of movements,

- Representations of studies concerning the static analysis of a prosthesis

- Representations of studies concerning the analysis of dynamics of a prosthesis+


ad 3 The focus is directed to the working and implementation in the surgical operating room 

- A transitory FULL HD - film of the surgical procedure, consisting of 3D animations in real length       of time of the operation (hours of 3D animations are possible)

- Or shortened to an average length of 20 minutes – 30 minutes, or only a few minutes or


4. Combinations of 1 and / or 2 and / or 3 are shown


5. 1, 2 and 3 are shown in the same significance.


BENEFITS of CADMED Pachatz productions The range and types of uses of 3D visualization:

FULL HD 1920 x 1080 resolution

Photorealistic images 

Highest accurate and detailed 3D environments

On request, there are views from the macroscopic to the microscopic dimension available

That means

an implant screw, or implant while integrating into the bone with the forming surrounding neo ossification

the conversion of the substantia compacta and the substantia spongiosa

the force vectors of the bone with the implant, statically and dynamically are displayed

the representation of the optimal use and integration of the anatomical conditions which substantially decisive for the stability of the bone are shown

for instance the special structures of the substantia spongiosa of the neck and the proximal femoral shaft, the humerus, or as an other example the “complicate” structured talus ... etc.



CADMED Pachatz productions may be ordered for:

For presentation at fair trade, scientific congresses

Digital handouts with medical mass events

For commercial TV advertising

For scientific presentations at conferences in the course of the Sessions

Best suitable for all large-scale projections -

For the advertizing appearance on the Internet

Is a feasible to produce, useful for all internet-enabled devices and common in the market used mass products (from internet capable cellular phones to PC”s) interactive guide with variable interfaces

Computer Based Training - CBT - installations TOP FULL HD Display Site installations in the concerned institutes as an example for Orthopaedic Surgery

Feasible for 3D stereoscopic display systems

Feasible is an e – learning system for all with the surgery procedures of a company's Prostheses / implants interested, and especially for in stage of training being surgeons