The CADMED company is seeking for a investor, or an investment group

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The CADMED company was also several times a presenter in the industrial exhibition areas, with own Booths, aside scientific congresses and meetings such as CAR, CARS, MMVR in Europe and the USA.

To become the status of an exhibitor there, the scientific topics and contents of the CADMED products have been validated by the Industrial advisory Boards.

And furthermore in 1997, I was a member of the Congress Organising Commetee for the Congress CIS – Computer Integrated Surgery in Linz, responsible to find and summarize the technical topics, which have been sended out worldwide then. … etc.

My company profile has also been reviewed and validated by the European Commission 2014 ... , and is listed in the EEN, the European Enterprise Network (but according to the rules there, not visible with my company name).


It has worldwide relevance and is in part available for distribution. The possibility of starting new product development or extending existing product lines and product modules is an immediate option (without the need for lengthy scientific research and development work). The company offers the possibility of horizontal and vertical internal diversification in operating capacities and has the expertise needed to develop entirely new products or modules.


The company would like to hear from partners interested in investing in this technology or in its further development.


It is depending of the intentions of the investor how to join CADMED. In my point of view, silent is preferred, but also active is possible. I have prepared business records, a listing of projects/products with best perspectives for a worldwide marketing, etc. Profit sharing is offered.


A partner is sought with appropriate contacts in industry, universities, health institutions etc. The company seeks investment/venture capital/private or public funding for marketing activities, for completion of current product development and also for the establishment of new production lines. A silent investor is preferred. Profit sharing is offered.

For marketing/distribution activities, the ideal partner will have good contacts in industry, universities, health initiations etc.

For specific products and projects (e.g. surgical instructions), partners are sought who are active in producing surgical equipment, implants etc. in addition to publishers and universities.

Companies from the pharmaceutical industry would also be best suitable.



The possibilities for a business partnership with CADMED PACHATZ are listed shortly:

I particular business partnership:                   each point with particular negotiations

                                                                   a. The efficient worldwide marketing and selling for the                                                                                                                          existing software products

                                                                   b. The finalization of started products / projects

                                                                   c.  ... development of new products in the software area                                                                                      

                                                                  (d. The development of equipment – Simulation, Training

                                                                       VERY SPECIAL TOPIC ...... . . . . . . station / console,

                                                                       outgoing from a. the software developement for

simulating REAL Haptics and REAL physical tissue   behaviour, etc… in artificial virtual 3D environments for    

                                                                       virtual sectio in anatomy, and surgical simulations)

II full business partnership:                      a. b. c. d.


If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me directly.

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Peter Michael Pachatz