CLICL on the PICTURE to eblarge

The labeling modules are available as follows:

A. The classical 2D layout as a book. Simply because usual in handling and in use. Interactive handling of Part of the picture with text and lettering.

B. As 3D objects are highlighted in color, so unlike the remaining morphology animated, and in a separate text section labeled. Also available in full HD

C. The variation in quality 3D text label for the Entry Level Labeling of the macroscopically visible structures. Here are during 3D animation of the 3D structures located within the Callout icons facing the viewer, visible.

D. The classical 2D layout as a book but as with A. interactive use of labeling Icons - Full HD

E. The variation of C. in full HD, with over 100 3D animated icons marking for the macroscopic overview.

F. Special variant of E. for the ciliary body

F.1. the ciliary body and Overview

F.2. Ciliary body in combinations of sub-structures - eg the fibres of the ciliary body as a separate subject and content of 3D representations.