to the pathology of the eye, visual cognition – some situations (very simple described)

Depending on the complexity of the structures involved in pathological situations representations of eye diseases and procedures relating to the pathogenesis, a product on order may be delivered.

For example:

- Lens disorders

- Chambers of the eye

- and with normal findings with disorders of the outflow of humor aqueous 

- The normal function and dysfunction of the ciliary body, (in connection with  

  the Lens)

- The normal function and dysfunction of the eye muscles

- Diseases of the retina, papilla, optic nerve, etc.


All of the examples above, describing pathological situations, could  be visualized in animated 3D environments (With the help of 3D animations):


- Based on the representation of a normal situation,

- Visualization of the process of disease (during the illness

- for example disturbances are visualized in the micro circulation),

- And finally, the end result of the pathological 3D architecture of structures

  may be visualized

- where available - resulting malfunctions ( for instance Anopsias), etc.

- according to the visual cognition (is still in the working process of CADMED) -    

  retina to cortex with functional subareas v1, v2 ...

- physiological functions may be displayed

- pathological functions may be displayed -

- the displaying an simulation of other functions according to Cognition,         

   Memory and Language may be worked out in the same way alike the  

   visual cognition ... t


To the      NEUROLOGY – some situations (very simple described)

- physiological functions may be displayed

- pathological functions may be displayed

- functional conditions macro to micro – in 3D environments

–with an user interface for an interactive usage

- complex functional interactions,

- for instance the fasciculus longitidinalis medialis in action

–with the controlled motions

spine cord with all tract – systems, gray matter - functional very detailed

  in high resolution of the 3D environment, to the cell level etc.


If interest exists, I would like to ask you to contact me.