E-Learning for medical teaching and training

E-learning contents for the medical teaching, training and education

CADMED is delivering  custom tailored 3D visualizations and simulations with expanded contents up to FULL HD quality.

CADMED  e-learning and computer-based training (CBT) products are  interdisciplinary for the following areas:

Institute License

Campus License

Auditory License

Contact CADMED if you are interested in such a license.


Applications of CADMED products in specific teaching situations:


Use via Internet, or even - because of data security and higher transmission speed - over a local network from the server to the individual courses within the university. The duration of access to educational materials for the users may be for example a license period of a semester. During this semester - alike a private single user license - the user has the possibility to work with this media any time he wants. The interactive 3D digital library is always available.

Capabilities of the system - Campus licensing - are offering interdisciplinary possibllities for the usage in neurology, optometry, ophthalmology, anatomy,  basic pathology,... - for the eye (example Digital 3D Atlas System of the eye), etc.


Large-scale projections - here are the advantages of the quality and the detail of the CADMED products visible. There is also the full HD data set in high Bit rate, so the viewer, even at high magnification caused by the Display System, always gets a clear picture presented. There have also been developed specially 3D animated labeling modules for this purpose.

Capabilities of the system - Auditorium License - in specific teaching situations:

Specific lecture spreading and combination of usages in the teaching of neurology, optometry, ophthalmology, anatomy, basic pathology - eye, etc. In the course of lectures topics are presented.

For example - for the basic neuro - anatomy lectures for neurologists: CADMED products are suitable for the teaching of systematic and topographic anatomy - lecture content of neuro-anatomy and the anatomy of the sense organs, and the functional visual cognition (product - 3D Eye Atlas) etc. Ideally, the combination of institute / campus and Auditorium License, which will allow Students outside the lecture using this content  in expanded form.

There are also technical possipilities of the interaction for the speaker with the auditory.

Computer based training (CBT) solution: There is also the possibility included, to use CADMED products in a media room or study room, over a network.