MODULES of the PRODUCT LINE "The sense organ eye"

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The content of the product has a modular structure, and will be shortly explained with this image, which shows the modules 1 to 7 :

1- Macroscopic  visible with the eye   
    overview ( in 8. included )

2- Bulbus oculi ( bulb ) in its entirety
2.1  films of the bulb (Bulbus oculi) alone in
        macroscopic overview
2.2  animations of the overview from
        the perspective of the bulb, with the Views
        with the Views outside and inside of the bulb
        (the viewer's point of view in a 360        
        degree rotation)

3- Nervus opticus ( optic nerve )

4- Retina ( retina ) complete in
    macroscopic overview (Retine - all layers)

5- Corpus ciliare ( ciliary body))

6- Retina pars optica ( Part of the retina   
    for the visual percetion )

7- Iris ( iris)

8- Each product also includes
    a label portion, which consists of a text and
    of an image part (2D image, 3D animation).

There are also variable USEER INTERFACES available,  produced by CADMED PACHATZ.


The possipility for made-to-measure interfaces, for special demands is also an offer of CADMED PACHATZ.